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For those who like H!P ^_^, plus a learning experience!

H!P Profiles: Aa!


L to R: Reina Tanaka, Airi Suzuki, Miyabi Natsuyaki

Aa! was the next of the groups to be formed with H!P Kids and this time this felt a bit more like a wild shot considering the members involved.  You had the new 6th Generation Morning Musume member, Reina Tanaka, who was the leader and then the H!P Kids Airi Suzuki and Miyabi Natsuyaki.  To me, they felt like they were the next Gomattou and ironically enough they also lasted just one single before the group went into hiatus mode with the creation of both C-ute and Berryz Koubou.


L to R: Miyabi Natsuyaki, Airi Suzuki, Akari Saho

So like many of the other units/sub-units, Tsunku decided to revive them and Aa! was another that was brought back to life.  If you haven’t noticed you might see Reina missing and that’s because she continued to be with High-King (simply because they were an active group).  So instead, they brought an Egg into the group, Akari Saho and life went on for a short while before this group was placed back into obscurity (and plus Akari left the Eggs to join Up Up Girls (Kari).

Style of Music: As they were essentially a one-shot unit, Aa!’s first iteration’s song FIRST KISS was a lot like Gomattou’s “SHALL WE LOVE?” in the way it was pretty much an R&B track, but with less vocal talent (no offense).  Although, Masayume on the other hand was more of an interesting ballad for them and it shared the acoustic guitars with the A-side so they really worked together!

Once they were revived, Aa!’s 2nd iteration at first was given a cover song from OFF COURSE with YES-YES-YES and that was a pretty cool song and we got to know new member Akari quite well in this slow song.  Then they got an original track on Petit Best 10 with Yume no Genjitsu and that song was surprisingly heavy and energetic and poppy plus so many solos! like “FIRST KISS”.




This is the only PV from Aa! and it’s FIRST KISS…notice how young everyone was here (especially for Airi fans) she was vocally up there at such a young age!

This is Yume no Genjitsu, performed by the 2nd generation of Aa!.  I was totally surprised at how smoothly Akari Saho fit in this group and strangely enough (no offense to Momoko fans), this could’ve been an amazing Buono! line-up xD.

Other Things to Mention

-Well, all of the members of the first Aa! is still in H!P currently, but not for long (with Reina graduating)…though it’d be awesome to see her perform “FIRST KISS” one more time alongside Airi and Miyabi ^_^

Overall: Knowing that these groups that included H!P Kids weren’t going to last very long, Aa! had some potential going because of how well these four members turned out to be vocally.  This was a pretty promising group, sad they were a one-shot group AND a revival group >.<