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H!P Profiles: Ujicha♥Taishi Maccha’s


L to R: Yurina Kumai, Airi Suzuki

A group that literally went under my radar (and something I clearly missed) Maccha’s (the original name) was formed actually back in 2011 during promotions for the Berikyuu single, “Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku” as a duo to kind of support and promote green tea (strange concept if you ask me).  It was pretty slow and things went by until 2013 where they were chosen to sing the theme song for Oji Chama (a mascot during the SATO___ era).  Beyond that, since Yurina graduated from H!P…it is assumed that they’re gone now but *shrugs*

Style of Music: Well with only one song to their name, Chacha Oukoku no Ojichama is very kiddy…



  • Gotochi Character Image Song DVD (DVD release)

This is their song, Chacha Oukoku no Ojichama…interestingly enough the two dancers were NiCE GiRL Project KSS at the time (since then the company has been shut down).

Overall: Like I said, the group wasn’t VERY well known which is surprising considering it is two H!P girls doing a duet and such.  I do find it interesting though that they’ve lasted 3-ish years together (of course before Berryz went on hiatus and changed it).  For a group all about green tea, I would’ve loved to have seen them promote Green Tea Pocky~

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