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H!P Profiles: Kira☆Pika


L to R: Koharu Kusumi, Mai Hagiwara

So when Koharu’s solo career got off the group for the Kirarin☆Revolution series, it seemed like Tsunku wanted to make ANOTHER unit that included her and ’twas easy because Maimai also voiced a character within the series.  Thus Kira☆Pika was formed.  Though they only lasted a single before they seemingly parted ways to focus on other things.

Style of Music: To keep with the cutesy anime-pop of the anime series, Hana wo Puun was indeed a super sugary song for them to release while Futari wa NS was more of a ballad-like tune for the duo.  Really, not much else to fully say about their sound.



  • Hana wo Puun / Futari wa NS

Here is the PV for Hana wo Puun, which is one of the two PVs they did (rare time that both A-sides received a PV of sorts)

Overall: Like EcoMoni, in personal views, I really couldn’t stand the voices in this group so I stayed clear of the group until it was time to give them a profile.  Though Tsunku has clearly put his efforts on Koharu, it was rather nice to give Maimai something to do, even if the group was SO shortlived.

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