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H!P Profiles: Cat’s♥Eye 7



L to R: Saki Shimizu, Mai Hagiwara, Maasa Sudo, Maimi Yajiima, Yurina Kumai, Saki Nakajima, Risako Sugaya

So simply put, Cat’s♥Eye 7 was a short-lived unit created to basically promote the members’ stageplay Cat’s Eye.  Almost all of the H!P Kids are involved except Buono!, Chinami, and Chisato.  Really there’s not much else to say really about the group here.

Style of Music: Their one single was pretty much a dance track




Yeah, weird to see that a stageplay unit actually getting a PV right?  Loving how everyone looks and probably Captain’s shining moment!

Overall: I was surprised that there was a little more promotion handed to stageplay units with Cat’s♥Eye 7.  Personally, I think with their song being a cover of an ANRI classic, whoever produced this really fucked things up by haphazardly throwing auto-tune all over every girl (except Captain as she had the epic rapping sections and Maasa sounded decent under it).  Otherwise the auto-tune destroyed the song to death.  This did made me wonder why the other H!P kids were missing for this (Buono! I can understand, but not Chisato/Chinami).  If you wanna hear a decent Cat’s Eye cover search up MAX’s version!

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