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Petit Best 20 2020

on March 4, 2020


Track Listing

  1. Moshimo… / Hello! Project Mobekimasu (Momoko Tsugunaga, Saki Nakajima, Erina Mano, Ayaka Wada, Mizuki Fukumura)
  2. Kowarenai Ai ga Hoshii no / 7AIR
  3. Pharaoh no Haka (“Pharaoh no Haka ~Hebi Ou Sneferu~” Ver.) / Morning Musume ’18
  4. Fantasy ga Hajimaru / Morning Musume
  5. Mirai no Tobira / Morning Musume
  6. SEXY SNOW / W
  7. Lalala no Pipipi / Morning Musume (Sayumi Michishige)
  8. Wakaindashi! / Morning Musume ’16
  9. Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa / Kobushi Factory
  10. Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa / Morning Musume ’14
  11. Complex ni Sayonara! / Minis.?
  12. Mukidashi de Mukiatte / Morning Musume ’16
  13. aMa no Jaku / S/mileage
  14. Real☆Little☆Girl / Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido
  15. Watashi no Kokoro / S/mileage
  16. My Days for You / Erina Mano
  17. Towa no Uta / Berryz Kobo
  18. Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai / Berryz Kobo
  19. Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko / C-ute


  1. Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ / C-ute
  2. Shinnen Dake wa Tsuranukitoose! / Morning Musume (Sayumi Michshige, Erina Ikuta, Riho Sayashi, Kanon Suzuki, Haruna Iikubo)
  3. Urayanjau / C-ute
  4. Itsumo to Onnaji Seifuku de / Morning Musume (Riho Sayashi, Kanon Suzuki, Masaki Sato, Haruka Kudo, Sakura Oda)
  5. 46-okunen LOVE / ANGERME
  6. Everyday Everywhere / Taiyou to Ciscomoon
  7. Final Squall / C-ute
  8. Be Alive / Morning Musume
  9. Natsu Shogun / ANGERME
  10. Hyoumen Chouryoku ~Surface Tension~ / Tsubaki Factory
  11. Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH / ZYX
  12. Uchouten LOVE / S/mileage
  13. Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance / Berryz Kobo
  14. MY BOY / Buono!
  15. Happy Daisakusen / Morning Musume
  16. Kanousei no Michi (2005 Version) / Aya Matsuura
  17. Wasurete Ageru / ANGERME


  1. “Hitori de Ikirare Sou” tte Sore tte Nee, Homete Iru no? / Juice=Juice
  2. Keseyashinai Kimochi / Kobushi Factory
  3. Otona no Jijou / NEXT YOU
  4. Akai Earphone / ANGERME
  5. Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama / S/mileage
  6. Help me!! / Morning Musume
  7. Never Never Surrender / Juice=Juice
  8. Yuuwaku no Kyuujitsu / C-ute
  9. VERY BEAUTY / Berryz Kobo
  10. Love & Pea~ce! HERO ga Yattekita. / Morning Musume
  11. The Vision / Morning Musume ’16
  12. Chance! / Kirari Tsukishima starring Koharu Kusumi
  13. Honto no Jibun / Buono!
  14. Magic of Love (J=J 2015 Ver.) / Juice=Juice
  15. ♡Momoiro Kataomoi♡ / Aya Matsuura
  16. Only you / Morning Musume
  17. One Two Three / Morning Musume
  18. Sexy Cat no Enzetsu / Morning Musume ’16

(NOTE: All the songs were selected by H!P members, I won’t mention them all, but I will if needed to.)

1. Moshimo…

Of course as the eldest member in Morning Musume kicking off this Petit Best, Fukuchan chose Moshimo… and I wasn’t surprised because she was a part of this track originally alongside Momochi, Nakky, Manoeri, and Ayacho.  Since it was a B-side from the “Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku” single, Moshimo… was definitely the cuter of the 3 songs from the single and it shows with the quintet involved.  Returning to this, I forgot how upbeat the track is and I really like the intro at least.  Though vocally, it’s kind of here and there since it’s more of the squeakier & poor singers and Fukuchan XD.  It’s not bad though and a fair way to kick this long compilation off.

2. Kowarenai Ai ga Hoshii no

Wow jumping quite a bit back in time, we have 7AIR’s lone song, thanks to Eripon’s choice.  It’s going to be a strange compilation because of crazy changes in styles and the various eras H!P has.  It was such a jump back to this R&B bop here.  I’ve talked about it a lot in the past and not much has changed in my opinion of it.  If it was my honest opinion, it could’ve just been 4AIR because Rika, Ai-chan, Mai, and Masae had the more fruitful solos while the other 3 (Mika, Atsuko, and Gaki).  I still like the kind of TLC-esque vibe I get here and the main vocalists are really nice to listen to (granted they were getting decent at this point).  Good song, but could’ve utilized its members in a better way.

3. Pharaoh no Haka (“Pharaoh no Haka ~Hebi Ou Sneferu~ Ver.”)

I think one of the most interesting choices on this compilation is this track chosen by Ayumi Ishida and it’s because it’s the only stageplay song on this 3 disc bombshell.  Considering that, it’s a very unique sounding song though with it’s Egyptian theme and what not.  I do enjoy vocals here despite Morning Musume doesn’t normally sound like this, but since it’s an OST song it’s also rather short.  I like how dramatic it is and it just stands out as one of the more stronger stageplay themes out there.

4. Fantasy ga Hajimaru

As an album track from “Fantasy! Juuichi”, Fantasy ga Hajimaru was one of the highlights and it’s very much in tune as a synthy dance track.  It’s shown off pretty quickly when Sayumi has the first solo (and it’s a nice lengthy one).  Actually this song has a LOT of Sayu in it surprisingly as during this time period, she was only used for her robo-voice which I suppose was nice considering Sayu was never a strong singer in Momusu.  The tune itself is really catchy and just bops the entire time.  I enjoyed this a LOT!

5. Mirai no Tobira

Wow Odasaku, you really dove back for this choice huh?  Yeah, Sakura actually chose a track from Morning Musume’s first album, “First Time” and I’m kind of shocked because it’s my least favorite song from said album to because it seemed a little out of place and somewhat messy to listen to.  Jumping back from 2011 to 1998 was shocking but this song really?  I mean it’s kind of a 90’s urban hip-hop tune with the original two generations singing here.  It’s messy and just doesn’t really stick to me…ooph.


Moving forward to a B-side from W’s (Kago & Tsuji) single “Robokiss”, SEXY SNOW is another random choice, but a pretty good one regardless as the song is upbeat and pretty nice to listen to especially with strings and fiddle alongside the poppy dance beats as well.  Aibon and Nono sound great and cutesy and listening to it more made me wonder why it wasn’t an A-side first of all!

7. Lalala no Pipipi

Like I said, during this period, Sayumi was so recognizable under auto-tune and filters that her natural voice was just non-eistant, but for some reason it became her shtick for the last couple albums she was involved in.  This solo track from “13 Colorful Character” reminded me a lot of another track she did in the past, “Suki da na Kimi ga” and it really felt like treading repeated ground here.  It’s sugary sweet and the steady beats and robotic feels are interesting, but it’s not all that memorable to me.

8. Wakaindashi!

I’m not seeing why Akane wouldn’t pick this because this was pretty much the first time she had a solo line (that wasn’t spoken dialogue).  Though the song was mostly known as Haruka Kudo’s last track with the group and it’s a sentimental tropical house-sounding track which was unusual but refreshing because it wasn’t so frenetic and wild.  I really do love this song and saying goodbye to Duu was sweet and not-so depressing in a way, it was just sweet.

9. Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa 

Huh, I guess current groups are also included since Kaedii chose this Kobushi Factory song.  One thing I tend to remember that it was their ska song to perform and it was surprisingly positive and just rockin’.  Though I think the song is more known because it was the last time we’d see Kobushi perform as an 8-nin (since Rio, Natsumi, and Rena left after this single).  I still enjoy the energy and powerful performance they all did here and remains one of the group’s best songs!

10. Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa

As the first A-side after Tsunku announced the group was going to add the year to the Morning Musume name, Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa was also the 2nd single under Sayumi Michishige’s leadership and I feel the song kind of fell into a strong EDM territory (moreso than the usually would pull).  I will say I was impressed with the arrangement and how unique it was for the time, but I’m still not all that OK with the vocal smushing here…it feels like a tongue twister of a song to sing in karaoke.  Still, the feel of the song is cool and just really nice and hearing Riho is somewhat nice here.

11. Complex ni Sayonara!

Chiichan got lucky here because Complex ni Sayonara! is actually the only new song from the compilation here.  It’s spent like almost over a year in hibernation before being included here.  Now since it’s new I should mention it Minis.? is actually a unit that was created for a book with ex-Berryz member, Yurina Kumai, consisting of Morito, Yokoyama, Kamikokuryo, and Funaki who were at that time the shortest members.  The song of course is without Kumai but hey let’s listen?  The song reminds me oddly of old H!P but with video game synths?  It also makes me think of Minimoni, but I really like the 4 members here.  It’s upbeat and keeps me interested and the like I said the 4 members adds a lot of character here especially Moe and Musubu.  What a surprise to be included here!

12. Mukidashi de Mukiatte

I’m happy to see the new members get included and be able to choose a song and with Rio Kitagawa’s choice she chose one of my favorite MM songs of recent times with Mukidashi de Mukiatte which is one of the times where this obsession over their EDM-style worked in spades and just left me dancing all around.  It’s in your face and has many cool moments throughout its arrangement.  All time favorite (or at least one of them).

13. aMa no Jaku

Jumping back again to another debut song, S/mileage’s to be exact and it’s kind of a nostalgic trip for me since this was the first single to have Ayaka, Kanon, Yuuka, and Saki (it feels like it’s been forever, on top of the name change to ANGERME).  It’s just soft beginnings because aMa no Jaku felt like a nice anime outro with some cute vocals from the four.  I do wonder why Homare chose this (I wonder if the compilation album had liner notes?).  I enjoy it still and it’s easy to sing-along groove just felt nice to listen to after the last couple of songs.

14. RealLittleGirl

No surprise that Mei would choose this as she was originally part of this song and it’s nice she wanted to represent the Hokkaido girls like this.  The song itself wasn’t that memorable to me in the long run especially since it felt rather vanilla of a song, but it made sense since it was a trainees song.  It’s cute and upbeat and has that fun energy to it, but to me it kind of flies by me.

15. Watashi no Kokoro

So the last 5 songs on this disc were chosen by Kobushi members (funny enough probably was lucky since they’re disbanding soon).  Hirose chose this S/mileage album song from their sophomore album and of course it’s a ballad of all things.  I mean to be fair, I barely remember the song as it is, but there’s a lot of Kanon, Ayaka, Akari, and Meimi in it, but it was nice to see Rina and Kana singing too.  I mean it’s not the most profound ballad, but I suppose it’s passable.

16. My Days for You

Things get a little more upbeat with this ManoEri A-side and it’s a relaxing pop/rock track and it’s a little interesting to me since it feels like a Springtime kind of song with its progression and since Erina’s voice is just as kind of soft yet idol-like, it kind of works here.  I mean the song isn’t one of her best ones, but I feel like it was at least memorable and not entirely bad here.

17. Towa no Uta

Interesting that we get this track which was half of Berryz Kobo’s final single as a group.  Since it was their kind of their farewell sort of, it was nice hearing the group tackle more of a mix of pop/rock and EDM (kind of like a slower “Maji Bomber!!”).  I do like all the members getting solos and while it gets overshadowed by “Love together!”, Towa no Uta was for the fans which is funny because…

18. Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai

We hop back to Berryz’ debut A-side and the two were connected.  Though they are pretty different arrangement-wise.  I was surprised that it had a mix of Indian vibes and the kind of hip-hop flow but with idol antics with the 8 young members here.  Yeah the vocals might sound strange because of they’re super young sound, but it was definitely a nice risk taken.  Also on PB20, this one of 3 songs that more than one member chose the same, in this case, Sakurako and Musubu chose this (I think, they really should’ve avoided it and made each H!P member choose a unique song with no repeats).

19. Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko

The first disc ends off with a rather interesting choice in a C-ute song.  It’s a bit more pop/rock than I remembered hearing it last funny enough.  Though I can’t say it’s one of my favorites from the group, if anything the song just doesn’t quite sit well with me as an A-side…it feels more like a Buono! B-side if anything but with C-ute’s vocals which were still growing (Airi & Maimi were fine, Chisato was getting better, and Maimai and Nakky were still super cutesy).  Not really much of a fan of this one.


1. Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~

Seems like C-ute also starts up the 2nd disc and it’s with another rather eh track from them.  Seeing as Disc 2 is ANGERME & Tsubaki Factory choices, I noticed that the songs were a bit more interesting and random.  Though Takechan, this one though?  I don’t know why, it was a song that came out right after their probably most unfair A-side, “SHOCK!”.  Campus Life brings the group back to more of a breezy upbeat pop vibe that’s calm, but idol-like that’s for sure.  Especially with Airi, Maimi, and Chisaki with most of the solos, it’s quite nice after the aforementioned single.  Looknig back though Campus Life still doesn’t quite rise above some of their more outstanding tunes.

2. Shinnen Dake wa Tsuranukitoose!

It seems the ANGERME girls chose some pretty random choices moving forward.  Kawamuu decided she’d choose this B-side from “Wakuteka Take a chance”.  That said, this was a track that was split between the Morning Musume members, in this case it was Michishige, Sayashi, Ikuta, Suzuki, and Iikubo singing here.  The song itself really isn’t all that great though mostly due to the vocals here which were kind of mediocre for the most part (especially since Harunan & Eripon have the most solos over the other 3 members.  Add on the frantic arrangement that’s rather sugary and it just gave me a headache.

3. Urayanjau

Next is an album song from C-ute, from well….”Cmaj9″!  Though this is a song that had a definite girl leading the track and in this case Airi Suzuki had the focus whereas the other members had a smaller presence.  I really liked this back then because it was pretty unique of a song and the kind of K-pop-like tone was interesting and suited Airi pretty well.  I guess coming back to this years later, I do question the way the vocals are filtered…it’s a little hollow and strange sounding to be honest.  Still, I do appreciate it and is a nice choice from Murotan.

4. Itsumo to Onnaji Seifuku de

Another Morning Musume B-side chosen from another ANGERME member? (this one chosen by Rikako).  Itsumo to Onnaji Seifuku de is handled similarly to “Shinnen Dake wa Tsuranukitoose!” in where it was a split grouping performing, this one only having Sayashi, Suzuki, Sato, Kudo, and Oda.  I’m a little surprised that the focus is around Maachan and Duu here in this more cutesy and girlier song.  It’s not really all that memorable either due to its sing-a-long-y feel here and it just felt lifeless.

5. 46-okunen LOVE

Not surprised to see ANGERME members choose songs they were a part of (I mean they’re still a big group).  46-okunen LOVE was a song that Kamiko was a part of and it was a pretty awesome song for ANGERME getting back into the whole disco vibe and such.  It might not have me saying a whole lot, but I do really love the energy and power behind the members especially Takechan, Kamiko, Rikako, and Funakki.  It’s just a fun and groovy song and really sticks out in their discography.

6. Everyday Everywhere

Its definitely notable that this and “Mirai no Tobira” are the oldest songs on the compilation for sure and Kassa choosing this song was really out there and I commend her choice since it’s such a good Taiyou & Ciscomoon A-side.  Being more of a slow jam that’s pretty sensual and romantic as they come, I found myself entranced by both the arrangement and the lovely set of vocals from the quartet.  It really does feel nostalgic to me for those early 90’s R&B tracks and I’m really happy it was a song chosen by Momona to be included.

7. Final Squall

Moving to one of the 3 A-sides C-ute released before they graduate, Final Squall was definitely the one that sent me the message that yes, the group was going away.  Even the song itself kind of had the finale kind of feel.  It does remind me of “Iron Heart” but with an abundance of strings in it arrangement.  The energy is nice and hearing the 5 ladies are singing quite passionately.  They definitely went out with a bang and this was a good song to boot!

8. Be Alive

Another song from “13 Colorful Character” this time Be Alive features all of Morning Musume.  Like “Final Squall” though it does feel like a song that’s an ending to something because of its melody.  It does start off like a ballad, but it does grow into more of a dance track to kind of make it a little more positive and upbeat.  A little bummed that only Reina and Riho had the only solos though.  I do hear a lot still today and it’s not even close to reaching Momusu’s best tracks, but I suppose it’s OK.

9. Natsu Shogun

Fair enough that ANGERME’s newest member chose a song from the group, though it is surprisingly recent of a choice too!  That said, this digital song that released back in 2018, Natsu Shogun is still what I’d call ANGERME’s take on “Samba! Kobushi Janeiro”.  I still really like the intro that’s really Japanese and had me think it was going to go one way before the summer vibe and beats kick on switch things up.  I will say I did grow to like the rapping section, but otherwise not really a song I’d go back to.

10. Hyoumen Chouryoku ~Surface Tension~

Now it’s time to see what the Tsubaki Factory girls chose…and hmmmm the group’s leader, Riko decided to choose this song which was from their first album, “first bloom”.  I really do like that it was going towards more of a funk vibe (kind of like Juice=Juice’s “KEEP ON Joshou Shikou!!”).  Though it is a little plain thinking on those lines and the chorus is a little messy an the striking high notes that some of the members hit are a little sketchy, but I commend them for having another fun and lively song.


I wonder how many times I’ve actually talked about this song.  I mean granted it was a pretty popular song and it still strikes a nice chord whenever it comes on because it’s got a lot of sass and power and despite 5/6 of the members were super young in its release, it’s still sticks out as one of H!P’s best.  I love how upbeat it is and how it feels nostalgic without going too far back and hearing 5 of the H!P Kids and Yaguchi singing was a preview for what was to come!

12. Uchouten LOVE

Moving to S/mileage for this A-side (kind of known as the final quartet single before Sakitty left and the sub-members joining, Uchouten LOVE was a sugary rush of synths and cuteness from the 4.  This sawblade synth blast of sound might not hold up today IMO because it’s so gritty and loud, but I did enjoy the energy behind it all.  Also the Tsunku ~ah-hoo~ is kind of eh.  Still, it’s just sad this was the final song with the original 4 S/mileage members.

13. Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance

Wow, Kishimon chose a fun one to include.  I still believe that Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance is one of the strangest H!P songs out there and especially for Berryz who pretty much ran with this whole monkey theme going to the point of dressing like them and including choreography that also reflected this.  The song itself is strange no doubt, but I kind of enjoyed it (maybe the after-chorus is a little finnicky) but it’s overly hammy and ridiculous and yet genius all at once.  One of the more unique songs in Hello! Project.

14. MY BOY

Buono! comes in with MY BOY and my goodness this was a total banger of a song especially in this line of releases they had during this period.  I was so surprised Buono! could have something so cool and edgy as such.  I actually found myself loving the song’s arrangement and hearing Airi, Miyabi, and Momoko own the song was just a perfect moment for them.  It’s just one of my all-time favorites and I’m happy that Kiki chose this one!

15. Happy Daisakusen

The first thing that pops up about Happy Daisakusen” is how easily it reminds me of “Be Alive” minus the more ballad-like parts.  What I mean is that it also feels like a goodbye song but covered in positivity.  This B-side from “Help me!!” was the one that included all the members and the solos went by tenure but reversed during the 2nd verse which was pretty sweet.  Solos were once again mostly Reina & Riho, but I think the song was better handled than “Be Alive”?  Yeah, still not quite up there…but it’s cute I suppose.

16. Kanousei no Michi (2005 Version)

This was an abstract choice for Saori to choose here.  She chose an album song from Aya Matsuura but on top of that, chose the version that was found on Ayaya’s best album.  Even though I had listened to it last year, Kanousei no Michi wasn’t a song that really sticks out in my mind and this revision of this song made it harder to remember since it was stripped down to strings, piano, and some synths.  Yeah, not really my kind of song and just blah, but I do respect Saorin choosing such a specific song.

17. Wasurete Ageru

CD 2 ends with Maopin’s choice and she got to choose a rather good ANGERME song in Wasurete Ageru.  I really like the mix of strings in an sitar-led song that felt kind of sad but still danceable.  ANGERME seemed to really excel in these songs especially since everyone in the group managed to get a solo, even the new member at that time, Momona.  I noticed a lot of Takechan, Murotan, and Rinapuu here and it just worked a lot.  One of their better A-sides!


1. “Hitori de Ikirare Sou” tte Sore tte Nee, Homete Iru no?

Yeah, this was not OK letting 3 of the members choose the same song (in this case Kanazawa, Dambara, and even Tanimoto).  Yeah it’s Juice=Juice’s choices that open the 3rd disc.  Though it’s a song that released last year (2019).  I mean it’s a decent song, but I think it’s slightly overrated.  I like the anison groove and considering this was one the final songs leader, Yuka Miyazaki took part in…I was hoping for a lot of lean to include her, but she had ONE solo here.  It’s OK for the most part and one of the better songs they released.

2. Keseyashinai Kimochi

If “Mirai no Tobira” was the oldest song in the compilation, then Keseyashinai Kimochi is the most recent that was added (from Kobushi Factory’s 2019 album, “Kobushi Dai Ni Maku”).  Chosen by both Takagi & Hirai, this song is still kind of settling with me because of how recent it is so I still have fresh feelings for it.  I still am trying to get myself into it because it feels like something another group has done, but better.  Plus, it’s a little interesting to hear Kobushi Factory singing lighter and not in their normal grittier feel and instead, a more upbeat and idol-like track.  Still, the song is pretty OK I’d say, but not the best Kobushi released last year.

3. Otona no Jijou

Maybe you’re curious as to who NEXT YOU is and wonder if they’re another group, not really persay, it’s basically Juice=Juice (as they were known in their show, Budokan).  I definitely remember this being an odd song because it was originally a digital single before appearing on their sophomore album.  Anyways, Otona no Jijou is pretty EDM-heavy and a lot of synths and beats.  I will say it’s nice to hear all 5 Juice=Juice members getting some decent lines (Karin, Sayuki, Tomoko, Akari, and Yuka).  Good song overall and good choice too from Karin herself!

4. Akai Earphone

Another 2019 song, Akai Earphone is an album track from ANGERME’s 3rd album, “Rinnetenshou” and probably the standout track from said album too.  Being a bit more punchy with its EDM-style, Akai Earphone was really good at showing off the member’s vocals throughout.  I do find it funny I hear ~Bluetooth~ in the song xD.  Still, the members get solos all over (except Haruka again…).  It’s a pretty cool song overall and like I said one of the best from the album and of 2019!

5. Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama

It’s funny moving from their more recent to the past, when it was S/mileage (and just seeing Ayacho being in both of these songs).  This A-side (S/mileage’s 3rd major single), had the group really hit the ground running by giving them a Buono!-esque sound of a song.  I was not expecting this from the quartet, but it really gave them a fun and punkish track to have fun with.  I do like how all 4 get to shine (even if Yuukarin & Nyon get the most lines as they have spoken dialogue too).  I’ve warmed up to the song since I first listened to it, but still not their best work, but it’s a fun track overall!

6. Help me!!

Oooph, thanks for this throwback to 2013.  Help me!! was a pretty interesting A-side for Momusu primarily as it was the debut for current member, Sakura Oda and was during the huge wave of this kind of formation choreography they were kind of promoting.  While I still attack it for being a poor song to her live because of the immense shouting that’s going on, I really like the synths/stringwork at play here and the vocals between Sayu, Reina, Fukuchan, and Riho were interesting, but I think Sakura got the big moments as she got some solos in the pre-chorus (I mean there was like 2 of them)?  Electro Momusu was pretty cool still at this point!

7. Never Never Surrender

I needed this to remember this next track from Juice=Juice (an album track from their sophomore album).  I kind of liked the bagpipe-like intro to the song and then it kind of becomes a chant-heavy song that sound pretty good live (kind of like “Keseyashinai Kimochi” does) and just has a nice beat to it.  Little surprised that Yukanyan and Yanamin only got one solo, but overall it’s a fun tune to listen to!

8. Yuuwaku no Kyuujitsu

I had totally forgot about this track for sure, especially since I had to really think on where it came from.  It’s actually a C-ute B-side from “Tokai no Hitorigurashi / Aitte Motto Zanshin” and boy I’m embarrassed that I forgot it.  This also marks as now its songs that BEYOOOOONDS members chose as this is Reina’s choice.  The song itself is kind of a hot/cold situation here because I LOVE the verses as they bring in more of the cooler side of the group, but the chorus just comes in suddenly and it’s just peppy and cutesy which is kind of yikes.  Still, I like hearing all of them singing together, but it’s just that chorus that throws the song way off.


Oh wow a rather middle-time period of a song from Berryz Kobo here this time.  VERY BEAUTY was such an interesting change of pace for the group as it was a bit more laidback and toned down from previous A-sides.  I’m a little surprised that solos belonged to Risako, Miyabi, and Yurina (and one small one from Chinami) which of course was pretty bleh, but it’s what it is.  For me, the song doesn’t quite stick out to me and it kind of feels plain and boring but it is interesting hearing Risako struggling to hit her notes in this one, it felt bad IMO.

10. Love & Pea~ce! HERO ga Yattekita.

This B-side from Momusu’s single, “THE Manpower!!!” was another interesting choice on this release (chosen by Shiori Nishida), this is an interesting choice as it’s kind another song you’d normally see being performed during an encore or something.  It just has the beat to it that fans can fist pump to.  While I myself is neither here nor there for the song I do appreciate mostly everyone gets a solo, except Sayu, Yossie, and Kaorin (the last was her last B-side in the group).  OK song overall!

11. The Vision

I remember how pretty this song sounded when it first released in 2016 with the twinkly piano melody and mix of the synths and beats (which reminded me of “Toki no Koe Sora wo Koe”).  I also remembered that Ayumi, Fukuchan, and Eripon were absent from the song as they represented the dance group for the PV of the song leaving Sakura and Maachan to kind of lead the song.  I did like that 12 Generation (Maria, Haruna O., Akane, and Miki) had a bit more of an appearance doing the verses.  It’s just a mix of really what was good at the time and it’s such a memorable song for me!

12. Chance!

I could only question why Kurumi chose this song which is an A-side released by Koharu Kusumi (during her stint in the Kirari series).  It comes to probably no surprise that I was never really a fan of Koharu’s vocals during her tenure and her solo works have always been sketchy to me as not only it had her vocals, her releases were all tied to a madoka girl anime which made me slightly cringe more.  Chance! isn’t has overblown as other songs in her discography, but her singing capability has not much left to be desired from.  Flat and maybe slightly tonedeaf?  Not her worst, but not really near the middle either…

13. Honto no Jibun

Kokoro chose this song which is Buono!’s debut track!  Considering this was kind of near the same time period “Chance!” was around, Honto no Jibun being also connected to an anime (Shugo Chara!) it had me slightly worried, but with Airi, Miyabi, and Momoko handled the song like they would their significant unit.  While this is kind of lighter than what Buono! would end up releasing, the pop/rock styling suited them (maybe less Momoko as her high-pitched vocals stand out sharply in the song).  It’s a pretty solid debut though and to see how this trio grew after was great!

14. Magic of Love (J=J 2015 Ver.)

Surprised that vocal queen of BEYOOOOONDS, Yuhane would choose this more or less the Juice=Juice take of Magic of Love because let’s be honest the original Taiyou to Ciscomoon version is soooo much better.  Though talking about Juice=Juice’s take from their first album, they didn’t do too heavily bad, but they were trying their damndest to bring in that same soulful power that the original had though it was mostly Sayubee and Karin and maybe some Kanatomo (with one solo for Yuka & Aarii).  I’ll even give kudos to Sayuki for trying her best to mimic Ruru’s original belts, but she does wail so it kind of feels a bit tight for me.  Still, it’s not terrible, but it’s hard to do this song full justice.

15. Momoiro Kataomoi

Minami Okamura unsurprisingly would choose a cutesy song, but I didn’t think she’d go that far back to choose this pretty popular Aya Matsuura song.  While I have heard this song a lot more after I started this blog, this song is growing more and more on me, though I still think there’s other songs that outrank this one.  With Ayaya having this summer bop, Momoiro Kataomoi is cute and fun to listen to (though the Tsunku-quips are slightly distracting to me).  I mean this chorus is pretty legendary and I think most fans of H!P could him the melody out!  Not bad!

16. Only you

I found it funny that the last 3 songs on PB202020 are Momusu songs starting with Only you.  This was the 2nd Momusu single to include 9th Gen (Riho, Fukuchan, Eripon, and Zukki) and it was a drastic shift from the single previous.  Only you is kind of the start of this EDM hype that Morning Musume were about to drown themselves in, but this had leftovers from the Platinum Era (dance beats/strings) as well.  Of course I was impressed that Ai-chan was owning the song alongside Reina while Riho surprisingly shows up here and there.  Gaki though had the sad opportunity to have the pre-chorus but her voice was thickly layered with auto-tune which was odd.  Regardless, the song was cool and had a good mix of the present and past at that time.  Still one of my favorite Momusu songs!

17. One Two Three

Then the big single happened, what really got Momusu back into people’s minds!  One Two Three was just an interesting song because of its hard lean on the EDM sound (and some people even compared it to K-POP sounds, thinking about it, it does kind of remind me of SHINee’s “Lucifer” in a way.  Though, this was also when I was kind of getting bummed in line distribution because it was mostly Reina and Riho at the reins with some Sayu and the remaining members only got syllables for solos…kind of sad.  Still a pretty awesome song though and still one of the more memorable songs from the group!

18. Sexy Cat no Enzetsu

What an odd way to close out disc 3 (and the compilation in general) with Utano’s choice of Momusu’s Sexy Cat no Enzetsu.  This 2016 A-side was so much later on than “One Two Three” so so many member changes had happened since then.  I mean, it was exciting to see and hear that Sakura, Fukuchan, and Duu lead the song in this classy, dance track with lots of saxes in the arrangement.  Still a fun song though and interesting, but much respected choice!

Tracks Recommended

  • Mukidashi de Mukiatte
  • aMa no Jaku
  • Wakaindashi!
  • Fantasy ga Hajimaru


  • MY BOY
  • 46-okunen LOVE
  • Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance
  • Everyday Everywhere


  • The Vision
  • Only you
  • Akai Earphone
  • “Hitori de Ikirare Sou” tte Sore tte Nee, Homete Iru no?
  • Sexy Cat no Enzetsu

*Sorry about this review being a lil late!*…I was pretty surprised to see that H!P not release an actual Petit Best and instead to a celebration for the series by letting all the H!P members choose a song of their choice and fill out 3 discs.  Luckily a good portion of those songs are pretty good and such and some members chose surprising songs (like the OST song, old songs, and even in the case of Chisaki Morito’s choice; a brand new song!).

If I had to be brutally honest though, I think I would’ve rather had an actual Petit Best that went through the year instead (or maybe have done both?).  I feel like 2019 is going to go down as the one where there was no true PB.

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