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Mizuki Murota graduating from ANGERME/H!P on March 22nd T.T

on January 22, 2020


So in a surprise announcement today, Murotan announced that she’ll be graduating from ANGERME and H!P on March 22nd, which is the date of Hina Fest.  Apparantly she had been thinking about this since 2018 so I guess I could see this being the right time, but damn ANGERME just losing members like flies as this being the 5th in a year’s time (Wada, Katsuta, Nakanishi, and Funaki).

Murotan was a favorite even when she was in the Kenshuusei and I was happy she was chosen to bring in the name change and different approach to S/mileage.  A great belter and powerful presence was always great to see and it’s sad we only get 2 months with her (hoping a single will be released to kind of give her a graduation alongside Funakki’s).

That said, Funakki’s graduation was pushed back to the end of ANGERME’s tour so I suppose yay?

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