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For those who like H!P ^_^, plus a learning experience!

Ayaka Wada to graduate from ANGERME/H!P in Spring 2019

on April 5, 2018


So it seems the day has come where one of the eldest members in H!P is going to finally graduate.  According to her blogpost, Ayacho doesn’t wanna quit singing/dancing but wants to take it a step further on top of other paths that she wants to take and it’s pretty awesome to see her follow out further.

Personally, while I never found her to be the best singer in most things she’s done (especially in the original S/mileage lineup to current ANGERME), she’s always had personality in spades and she just kept getting prettier and prettier as the years gone by.

Now the question becomes who will become H!P’s next leader (and ANGERME’s next leader as well).  Still, at least we have a year with Ayacho so let’s cherish it!


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