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Let’s say hello to our 13th Generation!

on December 12, 2016

Yup, we finally have our new Generation (going through two auditions once again).  Though no actual new members, but chosen from the Kenshuusei!  So let’s get to know them!

Kaede Kaga


One of the eldest Kenshuusei, joining back in 2012 alongside Kanatomo, Maria, Wadasaku, Kishimon, and Ichioka. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting her to win due to her age and straight-up 4 year tenure in the trainees program.  Though she’s pretty impressive as a vocalist and has grown during the time and her adding to Momusu will probably lead to her being a main vocalist which is great (we really needed more vocalists).

Reina Yokoyama


The other new members is the opposite to Kaedii by being from the most recent batch of Kenshuusei!  Yokoyama hasn’t really done anything too huge in the program (hell, I haven’t been able to hear her proper yet).  There’s not much of an opinion so I’ll just have to wait til their first single before making a complete thought out of her.

Overall, I feel like a 2-nin is a bit disappointing because that just meant these auditions were just done primarily to fill the spots that Riho and Kanon had left behind when they graduated and it’s looking like Kaede might fill Riho’s spot while Reina will have Zukki’s.  I would’ve chosen better girls too to add onto the group.



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