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°C-ute to disband in 2017

on August 20, 2016


Today, it was announced that the eldest group in H!P currently will disband at Saitama Super Arena in June of 2017.

Honestly, while the timing was surprising, the overall thoughts were that it wasn’t as much of a shock considering the tenure they’ve been pulling since they’ve debuted.  I love the group and as much as I think Airi, Maimi, and Chisato were the vocal powerhouses, Saki and Mai were pretty integral as well!

More news is that they’ll release one more single and won’t take part in the Winter H!P concerts.  Makes me think there’ll also be a best album thrown in like when Berryz called it a day.

Don’t know what other surprises are in store, but it’ll be a nice run towards the end!


One response to “°C-ute to disband in 2017

  1. Chanting says:

    Nuuuuuuuuuu T___T

    They’ve talked about wanting to go back and perform at Saitama Super Arena for years, but under the circumstances of saying goodbye??? MY HEART CAN’T.

    They were very sad when Berryz announced their hiatus, and I’ve had an inkling that they wanted to move on too… but I’m just… *GROSS SOBBING*

    First Meimei, then Zukki, then Dumpling-I mean-Manaka-chan, now C-ute!?!? WHY H!P WHY.

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