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Country Musume auditions are OVER!!!…and…>.> ARE YOU SRS!?!

on August 7, 2014


*sigh* I had figured this would’ve happened, but damn I am still disappointed that once again in a row that Tsunku opted out of this audition by cancelling it…well not really but damn.  Anyways earlier this year, Mai Satoda (pictured above) announced this audition to revive Country Musume (you know H!P’s tragic group).  Well today a post on H!P’s main site solidified what I had come to expect.

“Country Musume New Member Audition Notification

Thank you very much for participating in the Country Musume New Member Auditions.
As a result of the judges strict examination, no one passed.
 We had many auditionees who participated with much enthusiasm, and we can’t thank you enough for that.
Continue to cheer for Hello! Project

Country Musume New Member Audition Secretary”

Really?  You didn’t find anyone because they were “too” enthusiastic…that’s the lamest excuse in the book.  I mean you have Kenshuusei waiting to do something and ALL the other girls who audition and they say it’s too enthusiastic?  I mean H!P take a look around, what you guys need is a bright and enthusiastic group to basically deter the bore from the current groups as they’re all kind of meshing into a cool route and with Berryz finally to disband basically (and let’s be real, the group looks bored as fuck nowadays) THIS NEEDED TO HAPPEN.  Unless they are planning to announce a new KSS group REAL soon…this was the lamest audition to have to sit through.  Useless as the time Atsuko Inaba held an audition and failed).

4 responses to “Country Musume auditions are OVER!!!…and…>.> ARE YOU SRS!?!

  1. ‘Too enthusiastic.’ Too. Enthusiastic.

    …. Huh?! o_O

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