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Morning Musume PVs through the years!: Emo Musume march on!

on May 26, 2014

Today we’ll be continuing what would be the longest iteration of Momusu members to the end where Koharu graduates from the group.  Really this is kind of when the sales started to slump heavily and to me the group started to get stagnant and not the most important group for me (Perfume had become the best thing EVER).  So the videos we’ll be checkin out are Shouganai Yume Oibito, 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT, Nanchatte Renai, and Kimagure Princess.

Shouganai Yume Oibito

The Song: Shouganai Yume Oibito was really when the group started to adopt the whole Emo-Musume nickname because most of the A-sides in this period had a more sadder and darker side which was an interesting change of pace but at the same time quickly became forgettable though ever since new members came in, a lot of people quickly had warmed up to it.

What Genre is it?: It’s pretty EDM/strings but with a sadder tone to it, mostly because of the lyrical content…kind of like “Naichau Kamo”.

The Premise:  Really hard to tell if there was a solid one, but it seems like the girls are trying to deal with stress in a school which, I mean is nice but very vague at best.

The Setting: I like they actually went somewhere to shoot the video, and in this one it’s a University.  I like it since it just means UFA was able to spend some cash on traveling to a set.  I really love it and some of the video is shot in a big classroom so it’s a really neat idea.  Some of the scenes look like the ladies are about to get their picture taken too.

The Outfits: Majority of the scenes with the girls dealing with school stress seems to just have them in casual outfits, nothing too extravagant.  Though I do remember Reina’s plaid outfit and Koharu’s sort-of suit.  As for the dance shot scenes they’re all in peach-colored dresses.  Those weren’t exactly flattering dresses for most of em…so they aren’t that great to me.

The Choreography: To be honest, we didn’t get to see a lot of the choregraphy to this video, but luckily there was a dance shot.  I like how it started with like a Chinese telephone intro before kicking it off.  Though I will say overall it’s a nice dance and all, Koharu stuck out in a bad way to me being in the front and all.  Maybe it was just me.

PV as a whole: I thought overall, Shouganai Yume Oibito was a pretty awesome song and the PV did well going onto a location that wasn’t a typical dance stage.  Some of the video was kind of  boring and the dance would’ve been better if some members were in the back, but still overall good!

3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT

The Song: 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN’ OUT was the B-side from “Shouganai Yume Oibito” and reasoning for it got a PV is basically that it was used to promoted their appearance at the Anime Expo 2009.  The song stood out from the A-sides during this time by being a little more upbeat and bright which was a nice breath of fresh air.

What Genre is it?: Just plain idol pop, fun and bright!

The Premise: There really isn’t any here, which is probably for the best lmao.

The Setting: I had the feeling that the PV would be mostly CGI for the most part.  The setting is also like “Koi no Dance Site (Morning Curry ver.)” and S/mileage’s “Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii” with the whole paper cutout shindig that was going on.

The Outfits: Each of the girls have their own outfit and look, but altogether it’s supposed to be more about youth and all that.  Some members are trying to pull more of a tomboy look like Ai, Reina, and Aika while others seem to just keep it low lol.  Very fun and colorful!

The Choreography: With how hectic the video is, the choreography is seem in some spots in full, but a lot of the times, we’re on close ups (except the last chorus).  Overall it’s much simpler than any of the other PVs I’m talking about in this post.  It’s a good dance overall and the ladies show a lot of happiness doing this.

PV as a whole: For being a PV that was kind of a last minute creation, 3,2,1 BREAKIN’ OUT is a pretty fun video to watch.  All of the members look like they had fun creating this and the dance was nice but not complicated either.  Fun and a breath of fresh air after all the somber songs we’ve had so far.

Nanchatte Renai

The Song: The next A-side they released after “Shouganai Yume Oibito” was another somber dance tune but I actually really enjoyed this one despite being more or less the same track lol.

What Genre is it?: Same like “Shouganai Yume Oibito” but with more piano and strings!

The Premise: None really lol

The Setting: I find it interesting they’re performing in what looks like an abandoned warehouse, since it’s a huge room but there’s like dust and items everywhere (even an electric fan).  For the solo shots, they were place between a scene split of white/black screens which kind of showed off their poses and of course the grouping shots in which there were placed somewhere in the abandoned room (set) w/e.

The Outfits: For majority of the PV (the dance shot) the group is given black/white outfits that almost kind of wants to be that goth lolita look but doesn’t strike all the way, but I do like the tiny hats they all got, especially Aika…definitely worked for her!  For the solo shots the girls are in all white dresses which are pretty boring but what can ya do?

The Choreography: I like that a lot of the PV is focused on the dance this time around and it’s a lot of formations but a lot of flow and different timing as well.  I liked it a lot, and loving that Aika was featured a LOT in it.  Very flowing and fun to watch actually.

PV as a whole: Nanchatte Renai is probably my favorite song they released in this era of Morning Musume, because the song was really pretty and there was a lot of interesting moments, the PV while back in a studio set was fitting and the black/white shots were beautiful!  I would say this is my favorite of the combined sides of everything, the PV suited the song great!

Kimagure Princess

The Song: To me, Kimagure Princess was a weird song to get into initially.  I was still following but losing interest with the group, but when this came out, I was just kind of done with them.  It was mainly because the verses were chipmunked to the point of annoying me to death and I didn’t pay attention.  Nowadays it’s grown on me, but the verses still irk me a bit.  This was Koharu’s final A-side with the group and she didn’t get any lines here, this was mostly an Ai-chan/Eririn single which is great because Eri started to fully blossom with this tune (sadly that didn’t last huh?).  Still, Koharu got shafted on her final single (I think she’s one of like 4-5 that got shafted lol).

What Genre is it?: I actually was surprised the song has a little bit of an Indian vibe mixed with their dance style…fast-paced.

The Premise: None here either XD

The Setting: Once again we’re seeing the group go outside of a dance set to a cathedral maybe?  Who knows why but I like the setting, but it’s still acts like a dance set since majority of the video is of the group dancing.  The close-up shots though are kind of bland with them having a kind of wall with designs…kind of meh.

The Outfits: Weird, that they’d continue their motif from “Nanchatte Renai” by making the members wear black and white outfits, but funny enough the outfits are more flowing and Eri, Ai, Risa, and Aika are donning hats which is interesting (3/4 are main vocalists here).  Though it’s the only outfit through the video so nothing cool like the previous 3 PVs in this post.

The Choreography: Of the 4 vids in this post, I would say this one had the most difficult choreography, a lot of pointing and a lot of sexy movements.  It was pretty nifty to see the dance and just seeing the group giving a strike.  Though the cool thing is the pre-chorus where the scene shifts through all the members doing the moves too.

PV as a whole: Kimagure Princess as a whole was a simple PV for the group, but it did shake the group up from the sadder tunes in recent times by releasing a kind of sexy song (sexy is in question though XD).  Though it was shocking that Koharu didn’t seem to be there for me…like her graduation was a bit undermined.  Still overall not a bad PV.


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