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Kenshuusei Test once again!!!

on May 5, 2014

Yup, the KSS had another test in the last day or two.  Like last year all the girls were singing short versions of songs they chose to fit them and here we are again.  So I will tell ya how I felt about each of them starting chronologically with Tanapyon.

Nanami Tanabe

So the eldest KSS won last year and this year she performed C-ute’s “Bagel ni Ham & Cheese”!  Sucks she chose a song that I’m not too fond of in the first place, but it just seems like Tanapyon is vocally getting better and she sounds really pleasant singing the tune up until the pre-chorus where she kind of strained a bit going to the chorus.  Otherwise, she did quite well!

Kurumi Yoshihashi

Kurumin, performed rather towards the later end with a great Momusu song, “Naichau Kamo”.  As this is one of the more difficult songs in the setlist and she pulled it off, if not sounded like she was bouncing around.  It does seem like she sung better in the chorus, but she was kind of pushing her vocals to the limit, so she wasn’t too high on the marks for me.

Ayano Hamaura

This year, Hamachan once again pulled a rather random Berryz Koubou song to perform, this time being “Yakimochi wo Kudasai!”.  Given that Ayano has such squeaky clean cute vocals, it was no surprise she’d be going down that road again.  I will say she sounded not quite as pitchy as she did last year though she kind of misses notes here and there.  Ugh, her voice screams S/mileage still!!!

Natsumi Taguchi

After having such a meh 2013, Taguchi came back and performed Ayaya’s “100kai no KISS” for the test recital.  Being as one of the more slow songs on the setlist, I was curious how this would turn out.  She actually did well, if not had some pitch issues, but she actually did the song well enough for me to enjoy.  Not bad, one of the better ones of the night.

Rena Ogawa

Wow, didn’t expect Renako to sing Momusu Sakuragumi’s “Sakura Mankai” for her test.  For being another slow track that kind of demands control, Rena actually had it down quite well, despite sounding off-pitch for some of the notes.  Though I think she did well for the song she got so overall I was OK with this.

Mizuki Murota

I was having high expectations coming into Murotan’s solo of Momusu’s “Memory Seishun no Hikari” and I was floored with it surprisingly enough.  I know she’s a very strong contender in the KSS and she performed superbly…although she was shouting and straining…but damn she has such high priority.  Also it does seem like she forgot a line…but otherwise, she was pretty good (made 2nd place at the end of it all, so you know there’s good support!).

Riko Yamagishi

Once again, Rikoriko chose a C-ute song to perform and at least it’s not the terribly bland Kono Machi but the more explosive “Aitai Aitai Aitai na”.  Damn, the song was one of the more interesting choices for me to follow and I was curious to see how Riko grew since last year.  For as difficult this track is, Riko sounds a lot better and the emotions are there, some tone issues here and there, but she actually did well!

Minami Nomura

Minamina chose ManoEri’s, “My Days for You” to perform for this year and while she did good last year with the S/mileage song but one huge mistake on the high note, so it was nice she chose an easier song to tackle.  However, this song never really connected to me so I find the performance bland.  Minami’s voice was really quiet in her performance which isn’t good.  She didn’t do bad here, but she could work on projecting her voice better!

Reina Ichioka

Lord going from Samui ne. to the hard to sing Ai-chan solo, “Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte Tobitatsu Kara”, Reina had guts to do this song.  Wow, she has improved a LOT since the last test and it’s great to hear that.  She doesn’t have as much emotion as Ai did of course, but she’s definitely improved moreso than before so it kind of outweighs all of that.  Good job here!

Kaede Kaga

Another one of the KSS that I had high expectations for, she chose Gomattou’s “SHALL WE LOVE?” to perform.  At the start she sounded really good and cool.  Once the verses begun, she sounded shaky, but she was putting a lot of emotion and I liked.  Though she was getting shouty which is bad so she needs some volume control.  Oh…and a cough that threw her off too…I think she was strong but not as good as her Maji Bomber!! performance last year.

Yumeno Kishimoto

Last year, Kishimon didn’t really leave much of an impression with her performance of Waratte YOU!!, so when this year came around, she chose a song that made sense but a little random as well with “REAL LOVE” a solo song from Risako.  Like Reina, she actually improved a lot as well!  I’m actually enjoying her voice even though she does need to emote a little better.  Otherwise, not bad.

Maria Makino

I wonder why Maria chose another Golden Era song to perform..this time it’s “Happy Summer Wedding”.  It’s another song that really isn’t suited for solos but Maria tried her best with this song and she actually sounded decent in the verses, but the chorus…she didn’t seem like she was singing it really…eh…kind of like last year, just there for me.

Sakurako Wada

Last year’s winner from the judges, Sakurako tried to duplicate with a performance of Miki Fujimoto’s “Boogie Train ’03”.  She sounded so cute doing the intro section and the high note was done almost perfectly.  She kept the energy up and performed great.  One of the better performances.

Rikako Sasaki

As the last member who performed last year, Rikako was a nice surprise and had good vocals!  This year, she chose Ayaya’s “Kiseki no Kaori Dance.” and I was hoping for another great performance!  I think she did OK with it, but it’s another difficult song to tackle and Rikako didn’t have as much emotion in her performance and she sounded like she was moving around a lot so her voice was affected a lot.  Ehhh…it’s OK…

Karen Tanaka

So we finally get to girls we haven’t heard too much quite yet and I was excited to hear all of these new members!  Tanakare was the last performance of the night and we got another Ayaya performance this time with the song, “dearest.”.  With the amount of talk of her being bad, this came at a surprise because I think of all the performances, this one impressed me the most!  Karen is definitely not the worst voice of the bunch in their generation.  Maybe she’s more of a balladeer…but damn she shocked me the most~  Congrats Karen!!!

Manaka Inaba

Of course Manakan would chooe a cutesy song to suit her voice and that’s S/mileage “Suki-chan” and honestly like Hamachan, she is so perfect for S/mileage because she sounds like her voice was perfect for the group back then.  That being said, her voice was on point and she had a lot of energy to go along so it worked just fine, another great performance!

Kana Mikame

Donning an eyepatch for her performance, Mikame chose to do a song more recent (funny it’s not the most recent track though).  She chose to do “Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru”.  She did OK at best.  Some of the verses she sung under the melody (which is odd because she could hit those notes) and most of the time she was flat on notes and she was quiet…she did sound strong, but I wonder if low notes are more of her stronger suits.  She’s gonna need some improvements.

Rio Fujii

I wonder why Rio chose “Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita” because it really didn’t seem to suit her (although makes sense since she auditioned to be in S/mileage in the first place).  Rio doing thi song showed me that maybe she wasn’t as good as I thought.  I thought her voice was deeper than what she sung.  Doesn’t help the song was average to me too…just wasn’t a memorable performance overall.

Hikaru Inoue

I was shocked that she chose to do the most recent Berryz single, “Otona na no yo!”…and even then this is a very tough song to pull off and with the known fact she wasn’t the best at vocals it worried me.  It’s cool that she was bold enough to tackle it though and she actually tried it and for the most part she did quite nicely.  She seems to be another member I would assume could do better in the middle and low ranges. Seems like the training is paying off little by little…Can’t wait to see how good she’ll be in a year!

Risa Yamaki

We finally get to hear this new generation doing something more than a couple words in a performance!  Yamaki chose an interesting song from Momusu, “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game”.  For the eldest of this new batch, Risa chose a good song and she tackled it nicely…not as good as the Platinum Era mind you, but as a newbie, it was impressive!  Another lady whose voice is for the more deeper tones IMO.

Yumei Yokogawa

Unlike the last test, we get repeated song performances.  Yumei chose to cover C-ute’s “Bagel ni Ham & Cheese” like Tanapyon did and it was obvious it wasn’t going to be as good.  To the extent, it was probably the vocally worst.  Yumei was shouting and going off-pitch numerous times…Damn for as cute as she is, her voice does need a lot work in the future…

Kisora Niinuma

Kisora was a member whose voice I wasn’t too excited by having a cutesy, Momoko-ish voice.  She chose to cover a Momusu grouping song, “Daisuki 100 Manten”.  In this performance, her voice is still high, but she actually smoothed out the nuances so we got a nice clean voice.  She sounded good overall, nothing bad to complain here.

Hirona Oura

Suprised Hirona would opt to perform Maki Goto’s “Suppin to Namida.” this year.  She did have some slips in the vocals and she sounded a bit too quiet during her perfoamnce so I wasn’t too interested since nothing helped to make the song memorable.  Though when she did get louder she sounded a lot stronger…but could do with more work.

Ruru Danbara

As one of the more members I was looking to hear in this test, she chose to do the same song Murotan did with “Memory Seishun no Hikari”.  Like Murotan, she was also shouting the lyrics, but she whipped the song just right and honestly the comment that she surpassed Asuka is shocking to me and that’s a HUGE compliment.  Damn she did so well here….

Really, chose “Nanchatte Renai” as your song to perform Akanechin?  Wow, I’m kind of liking the bold decisions some of these girls have been making.  Her voice is so very light so it was hard to hear sometimes, she was flat at points and going through that rapping section was a bit surprising to that she hit just right.  She needs to emote and sing louder and maybe hit the notes better, but she did a decent job.

Musubu Funaki

Finally, we got Funakki who impressed me a LOT in the ROCK Erotic performance earlier in the year and she chose a song that I recently just reviewed, High-King’s “DESTINY LOVE” and she didn’t disappoint at all, she aced the song quite nicely and she didn’t do anything too wrong for the most.  I loved when she went to the low notes…damn someone so tiny hitting that is just impressive as hell!


Well there was 4 areas to win, Dance, Character, Judges, and Fans award

  • Dance: Rikako Sasaki and Kurumi Yoshihashi
  • Character: Rena Ogawa, Yumeno Kishimoto, and Mizuki Murota
  • Judges: Natsumi Taguchi and Ayano Hamaura
  • Fans: Ruru Danbara

Now, I’m surprised with the first two, but since we dont have much visual evidence, I’ll take it.  Judges choose Taguchi and Hamachan is not surprising, but at the same time kind of weird…iono weird.  But the fans….I am more than surprised that the wota chose Danbara to win with Murotan in second by 20-ish votes.  That was cool!  Also….


Fuu-chan completed her Kenshuusei training, to me it seemed like H!P pulled the plug considering how frail she is in health.  It’s not surprising but with this being her 3rd time being absent with health issues, I guess it was appropriate to just let her go and not risk her with something that could be more distressing and permanent.

Anyways that’s the Test in a nutshell…I sense there’ll be some changes within the KSS like members joining in this Country Musume revival and the upcoming Momusu auditions (plus the 3 new KSS members add some more flavor).  Also it’s been said Tsunku is working on a new song for them, so I’m looking forward to that!

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