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Oh….Reina has a band cool….WAIT SHE’S GRADUATING?!?

on November 18, 2012

Yeah the title is quite sarcastic of me but today it was announced that Reina Tanaka is graduating from Momusu AAAAANNNND H!P meaning that her new band is not going to be a part of the H!P family (though I’m starting to think H!P needs new groups and girls immediately to fill the company out again).


I know many enjoy her and many hate her guts because she was in the front lines so much in her days…even from her debut single, “Shabondama”.  She was everywhere from Aa! to High-King to even hogging lines with Ai-chan.  Tsunku has also even admitted to calling her one of the three best vocalists ever.  With her leaving she’s definitely taking a chunk of what current Momusu was styled as (you know, Reina lead with Riho secondary and everyone else fighting for the rest (and then Sayu with her auto-tunedness).

When I started listening to Momusu (in “Onna ni Sachi Are”) I noticed her pretty quickly and then seeing the full H!P discography, she really was vocally up in the front.  I never really had a problem with her leading groups but to say she was the BEST vocalist is kind of TOO nice for Tsunku considering there’s SOOOO MANY more vocalists that are better than her.  Her vocals are a bit squeaky and high and sometimes she did come off as a bitch (not the yankee stuff) but she was a loner and I did appreciate that she worked on being less of that and being more open.  I admire the things she did for H!P for sure and there’s a BIG list.


To lessen the blow of her graduation we were introduced to the girls that won the audition to become essentially Reina’s band project (which like I said…is a little disappointing that they aren’t going to be on H!P).  The girl on the left is Yuki Uozumi, next to her is Marina Okada, and the girl on the right is Marin Miyazawa.  So as of right now it’s two vocalists (Reina & Marina) and two guitarists (Yuki and Marin).  I can only hope the best for them all as they begin activites in February.

Either way…big day….I’m not hit too hard as she wasn’t one of my all-time favorites but I can’t deny what she’s done for H!P through her years….

2 responses to “Oh….Reina has a band cool….WAIT SHE’S GRADUATING?!?

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  2. NyNy says:

    I do wish her and the band the best of luck! It is sad to see the last of Morning Musume era that I got into has now only has 3 members left! The band memebers Marin and Marina are 93′ liners like me too!

    I wrote a post about my feelings towards this graduation and new band, I hope you will read and comment with what you think:

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