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H!P Profiles: 2002 Shuffle Units: Happy♡7, Sexy 8, Odoru♡11

on November 5, 2012

Another year passes by and we end up with another round of Shuffle Units for 2002.  The theme of the year was happiness (why, I have no idea) but of course it’s there.  This also has the most members involved (not counting H.P. All Stars).  Now let’s get to know the groups!

Happy♡7 – Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam!

Top Row L to R: Mika Todd, Asami Kimura, Risa Niigaki, Hitomi Saito
Bottom Row L to R: Ai Takahashi, Ai Kago, and Makoto Ogawa

The first group is of course always the one with the least amount of members.  We see Mika, Asami, Aibon, and Hitomi return but including the 3/4 of the 5th Generation of Morning Musume here which is great.  As the name of the group is concerned they were the happiest of the three groups (though it could be easily argued from Odoru♡11).  It shows with their track, Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam! which oddly enough doesn’t make a mention of Marippe’s SEXY BEAAAAAMU!  As the for the song’s feel, it’s really cute and sparkly and a lot of ~chu chu chu~ and ~suki suki suki~ so lyrically it’s a bit trite, but it’s charming.  Though the song is sung mostly by the Morning Musume members….of course why is that not a new idea lmao.

The video is kind of different for me actually.  I mean it’s a little strange that it’s a summer tune but most of the PV is making nods to video games because at the beginning of the PV, an arcade cabinet just RANDOMLY lands in front of the beach house the 7 ladies are housing.  Some of the games that they are representing is Yoshi’s Island, Mario Kart, and Super Mario Bros.  It’s a really funky video and the dance is silly but it works and I see a lot of Makoto here (one of my favorite MM members).

Sexy 8 – Shiawase Desu ka?

Top L to R: Michiyo Heike, Mari Yaguchi, Ayaka Kimura, Masae Ootani
Bottom L to R: Hitomi Yoshizawa, Rika Ishikawa, Maki Goto, Mai Satoda

Our second group, Sexy 8 (the only group with no “♡” symbol, are the group that has the least new members.  All of them are returning except for Mai Satoda who joined shortly before!  With this group they have a sexy theme even though the shuffle theme is Happyness…which is a little strange right?  The song is definitely sultry and as an added bonus all 8 members have equal lines!  Well except Gocchin who had the opening lines.  It’s a smooth song and I really loved it for what it is…one of the best shuffle songs out there ^_^

The video is the most simplest and probably the cheapest of the three but it suits the whole sexy feel of the song.  All of the members are drenched in rain and the camera angles have a sexier tone as well.  Add in that like the of PVs (too damn shoooort).  It’s a really plain but effective PV for the song and I recognized all the girls (including newbie Satoda) very well.

Odoru♡11 – Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo

Top L to R: Rinne Toda, Kei Yasuda, Kaori Iida, Nozomi Tsuji, Rika Ishii
Bottom L to R: Asami Konno, Ayumi Shibata, Miki Fujimoto, Natsumi Abe, Aya Matsuura, Megumi Murata

The last group, Odoru♡11 is the “rest of the girls thrown into one ordeal” which makes sense since they are the biggest group as well.  All but 3 members have been involved with shuffle units before.  The new ones Konkon, Mikitty, and Rika are interesting additions but they get lost with the outfits which are supremely random. I mean without the faces you probably wouldn’t recognize any of them…and btw…why do Rika, Ayaya, and Ayumin have brown wigs whereas everyone else are blondes 0.o  that’s super strange to me.  Their song, Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo is about as random and WTF as “Dancing! Natsu Matsuri”.  HOWEVER, the song is styled in Ondo so it’s even MORE traditional.  It’s just a strange track and probably one of the oddest H!P songs in its collection…maybe next to “Edo no Temari Uta II”.

If the song being weird wasn’t enough, the PV is just as if not moreso.  It starts off like it’s some kind of schoolplay or something.  Like the aforementioned song from the Matsuri unit…the same kind of jokes are applied and so many things that you see in Ondo/Matsuri situations so it’s like a treat.  I still can’t tell the girls apart (unless I know them by face which is everyone cept Megumi, Ayumi, Rika, and Rinne.  I especially loved the ending where Nacchi is throwing confetti and everyone gathers around and then does this really silly move and everyone does an anime fall….keeping it classy!

Well… after all that randomness, it’s no surprise that Happy♡7 won the sales this time around but then again they were such a lovable group with Aibon and Ai-chan and pretty much all kinds of win.  Once again I’m surprised that Gocchin’s team didn’t win since I personally think they got the best song of the 3 while Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo was a pretty bad song IMHO.

Ranking by me: Shiawase Desu ka? —–> Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam! ——> Shiawase Kyouryuu Ondo

So who’s new?

Not as many as last year but there’s new ones nonetheless!

  • Miki Fujimoto – As a new soloist, I was happy to see her brought in for her first unit, even though she was in Odoru♡11.
  • Morning Musume’s 5th Generation (Ai Takahashi, Makoto Ogawa, Risa Niigaki, and Asami Konno) – Wouldn’t be H!P to not put them in so it was an obvious choice.
  • Mai Satoda – The newest addition to Country Musume is found here first and one of two times we see Country Musume as a 4-nin
  • Rika Ishii – Probably the random and out-of-place addition but awesome nonetheless

Who left from the last shuffle units

  • Lehua Sandbo – She had left H!P prior, the only member that had actually not participated in both the 2001 & 2002 units unfortunately.

Who was missing?

  • Yuko Nakazawa – Once again, not seeing as to why she wasn’t involved
  • Atsuko Inaba – Like Yuko, I have no idea why…I mean they both could’ve been in Sexy 8 (would’ve been Sexy 10 but you know XD)
  • Yuki Maeda – Y’know I don’t know either about Yuki as well…
  • H!P Kids – WAY TOO YOUNG to be participating in anything

So like with the previous shuffles they all had their own version of a B-side.  This time around they all sung group versions of Yoku Aru Oyako no Serenade.  This song is a bit different since it’s R&B and kind of light.  The better thing is that all the members have solo lines which adds to the awesomeness…and then to see that there is no 26-nin version of it is sad, but that would be meh.


Couple more profiles and then it’s to Petit Best 3~~~~!!!!!

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  2. Kira says:

    Wasn’t it Sexy8 that won?

  3. NyNy says:

    Nice post! ^^

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